This guy isn't homeless because he has to be.  He's homeless because he chooses to be.  He's proud of the fact that he gets up every day and does "whatever the f*** he wants".

He does drugs, drinks, and bangs women every day.

How does he spend more nights at a girl's house?

"It pretty much all depends on how good a pipe I lay.  If I lay the good pipe, I'm f***** usually in there for a few days."

Surprise, this guy's mom kicked him out of the house when she found drugs, and he just decided to stay homeless, because he "does homeless different".

He makes $150 a day panhandling the streets of New York, and only sleeps maybe a couple nights a week on the sidewalk.  The rest of the time, he uses what must be the most amazing game ever to score women to go home with.

He buys cheap vodka, and Gatorade, gets totally destroyed and starts talking trash on the streets, until he talks his way into a girl...and her place.

He doesn't feel bad about the others on the street, claiming that "there's enough money out here for everybody".

"The reason people give me the amount of money they do, is because they realize they're that f***** close to becoming homeless, you know?"

He doesn't recommend that anyone follow in his footsteps, though.

"Never become like me.  Ever.  This abstract lifestyle is not for everybody.  And I'm pretty sure, if you look around you at the f*****, hundreds of thousands of homeless people in New York city, I'm the only one that can pull this off."