New York

Pizza Rat, Meet Milkshake Squirrel
A couple of days ago, a video started trending online about a New York rat dragging along a large slice of pizza down a subway staircase. It was equally cute and gross at the same time, but you rooted for the little guy to feed hit teenage turtles which also happen to be ninja's.
Pizza Rat, prep…
Rat in New York Attempts to Enjoy His Delicious Pizza
I have never been to New York City, but I have always wanted to travel there! I love visiting big cities because there is always so much stuff in them!
This video is trending right now, and while most people find small vermin like mice and rats gross, you can't help but think this is at least a …
Awesome 11 Year Time Lapse Video of New York's Freedom Tower
Back in 2001, one of the nations biggest tragedies occurred at the World Trade Center in New York. When you mention the date September 11, 2001, most people can remember exactly where they were that day.
Our nation became united more than we ever have after those events, and prompted to build a tower…

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