King of the Wing 2015 is less than a week away, on March 25th at The Woods in downtown Grand Rapids, and WGRD is gearing up to eat a bunch of wings with you! How do we gear up?

We eat a bunch of the wings people are bringing to serve up! How else?

We got the chance to stop by Crooked Goose to sample the wings they're bringing out, and they're really good wings! They entered last year, and are bringing some new flavors this year, to really make sure you vote for them!

They are bringing the Grilled Caribbean wings that I love so much, and they're adding a couple new flavors:

The Rasperry Tequila Jalapeño Jelly wings are sweet and raspberry-ful, if that's a word I can invent right here on the spot. Not overly sweet, where you'll get sick, but really good! There's just enough sweetness in the flavor to make you keep coming back to eat more of them!

The Maple Sriracha wings don't have overpowering sriracha flavor, as it melds really nicely with the maple flavor. The wings aren't super-spicy, so you're not going to be grabbing for every glass of water nearby, either.

These two wings are like candy-in-wing-form, and eat them alongside the tasty grilled Caribbean wings, and you have a fantastic variety of wings! These are great wings to have when you're out with friends, and aren't looking to blow your head off with heat, but hang out and have fun!