There are a lot of cool stories that come out of mixed martial arts and with the number of promotions around, those impressive appearances are plentiful. Nick Newell's performance at a recent Xtreme Fighting Championship may just take the cake, though.

Nick Newell is just another 26-year-old fighter coming through the ranks, looking to make a living in mixed martial arts. He fights as a lightweight and he has a background from high school wrestling. Nick Newell also only has one full arm.

Newell was born with a left arm that ended just below his elbow. He is fighting in the XFC which, quite frankly, you would only know if you follow the hardest of hardcore MMA promotions. Just making a promotion and being allowed to fight is a pretty magnificent accomplishment considering what Newell wasn't born with, but he has not lost since becoming a professional.

Fighting at XFC 19 (apparently, some promotions DO stick around!), Newell took to means other than punching for his most recent victory. An absolutely brutal knee that ended his opponent's evening.

Newell sits at 8-0 professionally and has actually knocked out two of those opponents. If you are knocked out by a one armed UFC fighter, does your retirement become mandatory following your loss? Or does all the weeping tell you that should be the end of the career?

As is easy to see, his opponent Daniel Mays was clearly unconscious as he hit the ground at the fight. The most recent victory most likely allows Newell to fight for the lightweight championship later this year.

What say you, MMA fans? At the young age of 26 and an unblemished professional record, does Nick Newell have a legitimate shot to make it to the "big show" and the UFC? Or has he already done enough to prove amputees are serious threats too? Let us know below!


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