I recently met a man named Spencer who has battled cancer and won! Spencer is doing something unbelievable though and I had to share his story! In Spencer's battle with cancer, he lost his leg, he is now set to bike ride with a bike you pedal by hand, across the country! Check Spencer's whole story in his words here.

My name is Spencer Brandt and I am a twenty one year old cancer survivor. In honor of my tenth year in remission, I am planning a trip to try and give back to those that helped me along my battle.

Next year I will be biking using a hand-cycle, which as the name implies is a bike I peddle and steer using my hands, from the coast of Maine to the coast of California. Along the way I will film my entire trip and interview a series of cancer survivors, military personal, or anyone else that has had a life altering event that they have over come, and find out what made them strong enough to endure it. When I finish my trip, I'll take all the footage and turn it into a documentary, is the hopes that who ever watches it, will find inner strength, ,a drive to go on, and to do better.
With your help, together, maybe we can change the world.

For more information, email me at Spencer.Brandt92@gmail.com

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