As the parent company of the UFC continues to buy smaller promotions and fighter's contracts, the roster can seem like a revolving door at some times. Unless you are a big name fighter, there may be a sense of insecurity with all the additions and subtractions. One sure fire way to not lose your job is to become an instant highlight reel, especially in a primetime scenario. Just like Justin Lawrence did a few weeks ago.

The Ultimate Fighter is the UFC's big foray into reality based, basic cable programming as most of you readers know. It provides a breeding ground for fighters who already have exposure built in. Want to become a fan favorite? Take Justin Lawrence's approach here.

One of the most devastating moves to watch and surely to have happen to you is the head kick. Lawrence and his opponent, John Cofer, weren't the headline event at the Ultimate Fighter Finale but they stole the show with their three round duel. Whether either men make it or become competitive in the biggest organization in mixed martial arts is another matter, but this is a head kick that will be in highlight reels for the show for years to come.

In the middle of the third round, as you can see in the video, Lawrence catches Cofer in retreat with a brutal kick that crumbles him almost immediately. That type of maneuver, especially with President Dana White in attendance, is sure to catch some attention and eyeballs on Lawrence's upstart career.

This video got us all wondering about your favorite finishing moves in mixed martial arts. Knockout? Ground and pound finish? Submission? Technical grappling for a unanimous decision (We are talking to you, Georges St. Pierre)? Head kick? Let us know in the comments below what you prefer to see to finish a fight!

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