Way to go, Pop Evil!

West Michigan's own Pop Evil have been featured in a new commercial for the UFC on ESPN.

Their new song "Work" plays in the minute-long clip while we see highlights of UFC superstars Connor McGregor, Khabib Nurmagomedov, Jon Jones, and more. The band shared the video on social media.

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The new song will be on Pop Evil's upcoming 6th album. They recently released the grooving, rhythmic "Work" along with the hard-hitting "Let the Chaos Reign".

Frontman Leigh Kakaty spoke with Loudwire about their upcoming release:

This album we did things very different. We used several producers to try and keep the energy unique throughout the entire recording process. We had a lot of fun just thinking out-of-the-box and being open to all kinds of positive energy. We did this album in one of my all time favorite cities, Los Angeles. Having multiple producers was a challenge, as everyone has a different process on making music, but I must say we are very excited with how it’s all coming together.

Leigh says this is his favorite Pop Evil album yet, though they did face some challenges recording amid the coronavirus pandemic:

We were recording the album when the pandemic hit. It’s been a bit challenging to finish it, but it’s moving along nicely. Very happy we get to release two songs though… Hoping and praying everyone is staying home, safe and healthy during this tough time. We feel these songs capture the excitement and the chaos of the times, they have a frantic feel.

We're still waiting to learn the title of the new album and release date (hopefully soon!) - we'll keep you posted!

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