We have talked many times here at the WGRD MMA Page about the growing minor organizations for mixed martial arts. The raging debate about hot chicks fighting each other has already taken place. One thing all of us mixed martial arts fans cannot deny, though, is the love of a good knockout.

Within the hundreds of smaller, fledgling MMA organizations, you can typically find a few diamonds in the rough. If not, they are always good for some laughs, anyway. This may be a case of a bit of both of those worlds.

At the Tuff-N-Uff Festibrawl 2 (yes, that is actually the name and no, we could not believe it either), Veronica Rothenhausler opened her third professional fight with attempting the courteous move of touching gloves in the middle of the cage in a show of sportsmanship. When Ashlee Evans-Smith didn't feel the need to partake in this gesture, Rothernhausler responded in kind.

That is correct, a five second knockout retaliation. Everyone is familiar with the commercials for "Sportsmanship" and encouraging others to "pass it on." Maybe this video should be attached to those advertisements from here on out.

The UFC record for a knockout is just seven seconds, so this feat, no matter the competition, is rather impressive. More impressive? The fact that this was the second time she has done it.

Bear in mind that Rothenhausler only has three fights under her belt and this was her most recent victory. The fight before this ended exactly the same way, though. At Fight Republic 2 in Reno, NV (seriously, where do they come up with these titles?) she knocked out her opponent in an eerily similar fashion. In exactly five seconds.

What say you, mixed martial arts fans? Is Rothenhausler possibly a real deal or just a fluke in small time promotions? Sound off below!

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