The saying goes in boxing as well as mixed martial arts, "Defend yourselves at all time." The spotlight was shining on this topic more so than ever since boxer Floyd Mayweather knocked out Victor Ortiz in the fourth round of a bout last year that was deemed by many as "dirty." Well, this may not be on the same scale as a mega pay-per-view event, but this brings up the same question...

We here at WGRD would like to give you fans a background of this fight, but frankly it looks just low level enough to be televised but not quite high profile enough to have us do any research of the sorts to find out what it is, let alone where and when.

While not as egregious as the Mayweather-Ortiz incident, this knockout surely approaches the grey area of dirty or fair. There are no rules that state anywhere fighters must touch gloves in advance of a bout and it appears this fighter was in no mood.

Plus, it was two chicks doing it. We have already discussed here on the WGRD MMA Page whether chicks fighting is attractive or not (a resounding no), but now these women are fighting unethically?

By the letter of the law, what Chick #1 (We cannot tell who is who in the video. Frankly, we don't care to find out) did to Chick #2 was entirely acceptable. The deal breaker in this fight is the nature of the fight after the so called "cheap shot." If it were just that punch that finished Chick #2 by knocking her out, this may be more of an issue. Frankly, though, Chick #1 pummeled her opponent after the "sucker punch" and her counterpart never stood a chance.
So what say you, WGRD MMA fans? Was the punch that led to a knockout fair game? Or was it a dirty shot? Sound off in the comments!

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