New Police Radar Can See Inside Your Home [Video]
Bad news for privacy fans: The police are getting their hands on a new piece of handheld technology designed to peer through walls.
The highly-sensitive radar can detect movement as subtle as breathing from up to 50 feet away through solid concrete, USA Today and Atlanta's WXIA-TV report.
Chick On Chick Knockout: Dirty or Fair Game?
The saying goes in boxing as well as mixed martial arts, "Defend yourselves at all time." The spotlight was shining on this topic more so than ever since boxer Floyd Mayweather knocked out Victor Ortiz in the fourth round of a bout last year that was deemed by many as "dirty." We…
Attractive women fighting: Hot or not?
Here at WGRD, we are equal opportunity mixed martial arts fans. In the most recent couple of years, that has come to include women, for better or worse. That begs the age old question asked by men for generation: Are two women in a cat fight or better yet a cage fight, hot?
FIGHT AGAIN! Street Fighter Vs. Tekken Announced
Who would win? Lei or Ryu? Well we already know who would win with Scorpion vs The Joker, but that was lame. This is way better!
For PS3 and Xbox 360, the two fighting juggernauts of Street Fighter and Tekken are going head to head in an all out brawl...