You can turn around just about anywhere and see a local mixed martial arts promotion trying to stage events in seemingly every nook and cranny in the country nowadays. The UFC has brought the sport into the mainstream and these organizations are trying to capitalize on its growing popularity. With that popularity comes unexpected match ups and even more unexpected knockouts. Something like a 53-year-old man on one hour's notice facing off against a trained 21-year-old?

Apparently there is a MMA promotion called Fire Extreme Fighting. Them, like most other start ups, are looking for anything to catch the mainstream and the eye of the public. They only need one star to make their promotion famous.

While they say age is only a number, in MMA, it is not often defied, with the exception of fighters like Randy Couture. This idea makes what happened at Fire Extreme's most recent event even more incredible. When the scheduled opponent of a 21-year-old kid could not make the fight, organizers of the event had to take drastic measures to ensure the bout would happen.

If you guessed that would mean taking a 53-year-old with an overhanging belly from the crowd and throwing him into the cage, you would be correct. (Who won the office pool on that bet?)

While what ensued may not be described as a modern day MMA version of Rocky, nor do either of these fighters have any shred of a chance of making it to a larger promotion, it was still pretty impressive. The old man was almost knocked out early in the fight and not only came back to hang on, he knocked the young kid out. In a battle of mediocre, untrained people, seniority really did prevail in this case.

What say you, fight fans? Will you be showing this video to your children as a constant reminder that the older generation can still lay a whooping down? Or is this what it looks like on the surface? Two inexperienced people who like to punch each other in the face and have seen a bit too much television? Let us know below!

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