There are a lot of ways to impress UFC president and mastermind Dana White. The quickest way is to show it in the octagon. At UFC 149 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, newly minted UFC fighter Ryan Jimmo did just that.

There are a lot of records in mixed martial arts, and considering how new the sport is, we are sure to see a lot of those fall in the years to come, especially with young talent such as Jon Jones dominating their classes. One record that has remained since only 2009 though is the "holy grail" of the sport. The quickest knockout.

The original record was set by Todd Duffee and it was matched almost one year later by the "Korean Zombie" Chan Sung Jung against a stand up artist in Mark Hominick. Those two are going to have to move over because Ryan Jimmo just joined the party.


After spending years rising to the top of a Canadian MMA promotion with an impressive 16-1 record, Jimmo finally got the call to the UFC and he did not disappoint. Poor Anthony Perosh was the victim of the one punch knockout by Jimmo and the stop to his three match winning streak was very sudden.

Even more impressive is Jimmo has now won 17 matches in a row after opening his career with a knockout loss. As we all know here at the WGRD MMA page, nothing endears yourself to the fans like a quick knockout or a good finish in the fight.

What say you, mixed martial arts fans? Is Ryan Jimmo possibly the real deal for the light heavyweight division? Is he a legitimate contender down the road or just a flash in the pan with some exciting power? Sound off below!


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