Crobot hit The Stache on Saturday night, with WilsonMothershipHurry Home, and Society Kills, for a fantastic show! Right before Crobot took the stage, Detroit rockers Wilson hit the stage for a monster show, complete with marching band bass drum, singer stage-diving, crowd singing moments, and lots of head banging!

I've not had the chance to see Wilson before. Last year during Rock on the Range, I was watching a band on one stage while Wilson was on another, and I'm now bummed I missed them! Although, seeing them up close in a small place was really cool, and I'm a fan of that energy!

They hit the stage hard, with 'All My Friends', from their new album 'Right to Rise', and the crowd immediately got into it. When they cranked into a heavy version of Nazareth's 'Hair of the Dog', the singer jumped into the crowd, stopped right in front of me and Ned, and held out the mic for a bunch of us to scream, 'Son of a Bitch'! (It's part of the song, honestly!)

Later, he ran off stage, put on a marching band bass drum, and marched through the crowd with Bishop from Crobot, and then took a stage-dive into the crowd.

Great energy, fun band, you should definitely check them out!