Roseville police are now investigating two of their officers after using a taser on a dog, and it was all caught on camera.

The incident occurred over the weekend and the video was posted on Facebook where it has gotten thousands of shares and (differing) reactions from people.

The dog in question, Chewy, had snuck out of his house and was running around the streets so his owner called 911 for help. In the call, which you can hear in the video above, the woman says:

He just will not come home. And I don't want him biting anybody. He doesn't bite, but he's pretty intimidating. He likes to run up on people and bark."

Roseville police came to the scene to try and tame the situation. But that's when one of the officers used a taser to try and get Chewy to settle down. A neighbor saw what was happening and recorded it on her cell phone. She told WXYZ Detroit that she was upset because even after they caught the dog, they continued to tase him.

However, Chewy's owner feels otherwise. In an interview with WXYZ, he said that the cops did what they had to do and he would've rather Chewy get tased than get hit by a car.

Eventually cops were able to get Chewy inside their vehicle and he's at home doing just fine.

Watch the full video of the incident below and then take our poll and let us know what you think!

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