With all of the news and awful allegations of sexual assault towards movie producer Harvey Weinstein in the last week, many, many women in Hollywood and beyond are speaking up about their experiences with sexual assault. And one story that involves Carrie Fisher shows how the late actress went out of her way to protect a friend who was being assaulted by a male producer.

One of Fisher's friends, Heather Ross, told an amazing story about Fisher in a radio interview this week. Ross said that she was sexually assaulted by a big movie producer.  When Carrie found out about it, she hunted the guy down and personally handed him a gift-wrapped cow tongue, with a note about how if it ever happened again, the next gift would be his manhood...in a much smaller box. That's absolutely badass, but honestly, we're not surprised at all that Princess Leia would defend a friend like that.

You can listen to the full interview below!

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