Branch County Sheriff's deputies are called to assist with a 'high steaks' traffic jam.

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When our law enforcement officers respond to a call for help, they never know what they will encounter. Over the weekend in Branch County, deputies had to really 'grab the situation by the horns' as over 60 head of cattle blocked an area road. The 'udder' road congestion could have easily created a dangerous situation but neighbors and deputies assisted in safely 'steer-ing' the calves home.

See the 'bovine' intervention below.

The calves really 'milked' the situation for all it was worth before being safely brought back to pasture.

The situation created quite the laughing 'stock' even though the sheriff was sure to have a 'cow'. When the farmer was asked what lead to the uprising, he said that there was 'beef' over him 'milking' the heard dry. A claim he says is complete 'bull'.

After feeling truly 'herd', the calves realized it was 'pasture' bedtime and 'moo-ved' along.

Hopefully this 'amoosed' you and I didn't 'butcher' the story. This 'legen-dairy' situation will not soon be forgotten. No 'manure' about it.

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