Michigan State Police are asking for help finding the person responsible for four dead calves in Tuscola County.

According to ABC 12, a person cut through a fence on an 80 acre pasture and ran over the calves. The veterinarian who owns the calves said 12 to 15 more were injured in the incident. 

The pasture is off Ringle Road near M-81, about 75 northwest of Detroit. People who care for the cows believe the fence was cut sometime Friday during the day.

A caretaker who first found the dead and injured calves spoke with  ABC 12,

"You should have seen the truck marks, the track marks in that field. They were doing donuts and burning out and everything, so they were full bore, chasing these babies. My heart sank. I had no idea what was going on."

Michigan State Police do not believe the incident was an accident.

Lieutenant  Todd Mapes said,

"It's a very serious matter. I mean these are felony charges for each calf that killed. There's at least four of them and then there was several others that are hanging on.

Police believe the vehicle was a 1997-2003 Ford pickup or Explorer.

Anyone with information should call the Michigan State Police Caro post at 989-673-2156.

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