While Mathew and Kelly Stafford are preparing to move their family from Detroit to Los Angeles, they haven’t forgotten about the city and community that took them in for major moments in life and they called home for the past 12 years.

Kelly Stafford posted on Instagram Thursday that it was always a goal of the Stafford’s to give back to the city of Detroit, as Kelly said in her Instagram post,

“As we sat down and tried to figure out how to thank you one last time, we felt like words were not sufficient. And so, we have teamed up with Mitch Albom to create an education center that will be attached to the SAY PLAY Center where Stafford Field is also located.”

The Staffords are pledging a million dollars to build a 20,000 sq ft annex at Lipke Park where Stafford Field is located. The new facility will house some classrooms, as well as learning labs, and an auditorium, according to a fundraising page.

As Kelly’s post reads regarding the goal of their gift,

“The new building will enable the Center to increase its student population who benefit from the center’s academic, athletic and arts programs, and service adults with job training programs, GED classes, and community events. This is the legacy we want to leave behind.”

The post also ends with an “opportunity” to join the Stafford’s in their give-back to the community by donating money towards the annex.  Kelly said in one of her Instagram stories that if you donated $25 or more your name will be “ permanently displayed inside @sayplaydetroit making you forever a part of this legacy.”  So there’s that if you’re interested, here's the link.

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