The scorn of a woman is a powerful thing. When you piss one of those creatures off there is no telling how far they will go to make Hannibal Lectur look like a chump. A woman in Pakistan named Zainab Bibi took care of a dispute between her and her husband Ahmad Abbas the old fashioned way... buy murdering him, chopping off his limbs and cooking his body in order to get rid of the evidence.

She alleged that her husband threatened to sexually assault her daughter from a previous marriage, so she decided to make a gorgeous chunky husband stew outta him. She drugged him with sleeping pills, strangled Abbas while he slept then butchered his body like a prize hog. When thinking up ways to get rid of the evidence... burying his parts seemed too cliche--so she decided to throw him into a pot and boil him down.

Apparently the smell of man soup isn't very pleasing to the nose and neighbors complained about the stench. Authorities found meat from Abbas' legs and arms in a pot boiling on her stove. While the smell might have been bad, if she added some saffron and a little bit of creme fraiche, I'm sure her dish could've turned out almost delicious! HAHA-- cannibalism jokes OWN!

[Via: Daily Mail]