There are thousands of games out there, over a ton of different video game consoles, and each console has at least one good game. Some consoles even have over 15 different games that define the console itself. The Super Nintendo offered so much variety in game genre, that it is my favorite console to date. Mario, Metroid, Final Fantasy, you name it! SNES had it! Then I rented this game back in 90's, and it changed a lot of things for me.

MEGA MAN FREAKIN' X MAN! Games today are just not made like this anymore. Sure, there are some good solid platformer's out there today (Super Meat Boy), but nothing as evenly paced, action oriented, and overall exciting as Mega Man X was. The music, the graphics, storyline, characters, power-ups, roller coaster thingy, the upgrades....EVERYTHING!

Where do I begin with this game? Let's start with THE MUSIC! One thing that Mega Man games have always been recognized for is the outstanding and recognizable music that the games have. When Mega Man upgraded to the 16-Bit SNES, so did the music. It went from your generic 8-Bit soundtrack, to something that sounded like a rock concert. It was music the motivated you to knock out Sigma's Army. It just kicked ass! Type in any level theme on YouTube like 'Storm Eagle Metal Guitar Cover,' and you will hear the greatness of some of these tunes.

Graphics...I am not a huge stickler for graphics. I figure if the game plays good, graphics shouldn't matter. In this case though, after playing the 8-Bit Mega Man games on NES, this was a spectacle of a game. It seemed like every joint of Mega Man was moving, the detail of the environments was amazing, etc. The world just seemed alive in this game! It just looks amazing.

Storyline...Today, most games are defined by some sort of cinematic cut scene to tell you the story of the game. You sit there for what seems like 800000 hours listening to the story of the game unfold, and sometimes, can really distract you know...PLAYING A GAME! Some games are built around this point, and it makes sense (Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, The Last of Us), but for an action platformer like Mega Man X that is all about the action and speed, it wouldn't work very well. However, Capcom pulls it off...setting up the fact that X is not strong enough yet to defeat pretty much anything, but Zero states that soon will you be powerful enough. This alone gives you the motivation to be a bad ass, grab power ups, Hadukons, etc. After getting through the game, grabbing power ups and just WHOOPING Vile's ass with all your new found power (SPOILER), watching Zero die, and going to claim vengeance with Sigma just CRAZY! How on earth could they tell this story with very few dialogue!?!? Well they did, and they did well at it.

The reason I put up this post is because I just love this game, and you should too. If you are a platforming fan, that enjoys blowing things up, with a unique challenge of finding stuff, this is the game for you. Keep in mind though, the end boss is very difficult...which is something games forgot how to do be difficult.

You can get this game on Wii/WiiU virtual console, that is the cheapest way to get it, and worth every penny.

YouTube dude EGORAPTOR inspired this fine tribute to this watch this freakin' video