Girls if you’re single, and lonely and horny and looking for a great guy, here are 5 places you might want to go to look for that great guy. This list was actually put together by some drunk chicks I was hanging with at a local bar last week. So, it’s some local chicks ideas as to where to meet good guys. Here is where and why these chicks think these are good place to meet dudes.

1- Sports bars- The girls said you might find some creepy guys there too, but lots of successful single guys like to hang at sports bars, especially if it’s trendy and new.

2- The bar at your local steak house. The girls said if the dude is alone and eating at a steak house, he's probably at least somewhat financially secure, plus, he'll probably be eating in the bar area because its faster and they have TV's, so its easy to strike up a casual conversation.

3- Sushi Restaurants. These girls said its another place single dudes go to eat and its a relaxed atmosphere, so talking to a stranger is not all that strange.

4- The Grocery store. I didn’t agree with this one but the seemed to think it was a good idea. But they said not the frozen food isle, they said a lot datable single guys buy their food in the prepared food isle, so hang out and try stalking him there.

And the last one girls was Cigar bars. I thought this one is kind of a load of crap but these chicks said if you can stand the smell, you won't have a lot of competition and the guys are usually a little older and more refined, and most of them have money, and that’s all most of you gold digger chicks are looking for anyway! Hahaha!

Good luck girls, and good hunting.