Hey all! I realized I have been a naughty blogger recently and not been posting to my full potential, so I decided let's catch everyone up. I am currently Miss Michigan Galaxy, so I have been hard core getting ready for big international pageant in Orlando, Florida at the end of July! It is going to be pretty sweet, free trip to Orlando, and who wouldn't dig that? What has been pretty cool about the pageant is doing tons of community events, I even got to be a stage escort at the "Operation Injured Soldier" benefit dinner/concert. I was able to escort each of Grand Rapids heroes who were injured fighting for our country on stage to speak. They were all so nice, and I got to meet some very cool people.

Other than doing that I got my 'ole head of extensions back! If you recall last November I had written up a heated post about some weave problems Well it's back and I think it looks mighty good this time!

PS: Who else loved this shirt from Foxy Shazam?!?