Alright so I am not ashamed to admit I rock a mean weave.  For serious guys, I have always worn my hair short I am just awful at growing it!  I decided for once I wanted to grow it out, of course that was a bust so I took it upon myself to glue in hair extensions.

I am not a hair stylist, nor do I know anything about doing hair. I buy some hair glue stuff I found at the store and straight glue some pieces of hair to my scalp. It turns out that was a bad idea.  It looked good for a little while, until my head started itching like it was infected with some kind of nightmare scabies!

I then decided this weave needs to be out of my hair pronto!  I tried to get it out, but it wasn't budging.  I then thought it was a good idea to pour baby oil all over my scalp.  This got the hair out but there were these crazy clumps of glue all over my scalp and my hair was left greasier than a cast member of "The Jersey Shore."

I tried to rock that for a few days thinking the glue would just come out after a few washes, but I hit rock bottom when a co worker asked, "whys your hair look like that?"  apparently it was as noticeable to them as it was to me!

I went to the hair dresser and she had to spend the first hour taking a comb and trying to get all that nasty glue out of my hair!  I felt like a little kid who got sent home with head lice!  Any-who there is a point to this I promise.

I then took all goals of long hair and through them out this window... here is my before and after... (I think for a glued in weave it wasn't that bad!)