A lot of times, combatants in the UFC show a lot of animosity towards each other (see: Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen) while others are respectful and stay level headed. While the fireworks may revolve around those high intensity explosions and tough talking, they don't always live up to the hype.

So what would you say might happen if two of those "nice guys" were to happen to run into each other in an elevator during the week of their highly anticipated pay-per-view fight? Lucky for us, we can watch the discomfort and funny moment for ourselves.

Fight weeks in the UFC tend to bring about a ton of press obligations, meetings, conferences and generally running around. As with most events, the UFC typically lodges their crew, fighters  and ensembles in the same hotel, especially if it is in a foreign country like, say, Brazil. And it was last week.

Come to think of it, it is kind of surprising something like this hasn't happened before. The video is noisy and in Portugese, but thankfully it is subtitled and the audio isn't overly necessary. The only necessary information for this is to know that Rich Franklin and Wanderlei Silva were scheduled to fight less than 96 hours after this cell phone video was shot.

It turns out to be quite the funny moment as Rich Franklin stumbles into the same elevator his future opponent Silva and apparently his 15 person entourage were all riding together. Thankfully, the Youtube uploader did the effort to isolate the image of Franklin as his face recognizes what we all know before watching the video, "That is a guy who is going to try to punch my face this weekend."

Franklin escaped unscathed but it must make you wonder, if that was Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen or any other UFC rivalry, would it have ended as harmlessly and funny?


Let us know in the comments below! Who would you like to see stuck in an elevator only to watch the drama unfold from elsewhere?