Hour 1

Free Beer was out sick this morning, so the show had that "something isn't quite right" feel to it. Zane gave us an update on the door locks on the building this morning. A few months back, he ripped the building management because in the six years that we've been in this building, the door locks have not worked consistently. Finally, the locks were replaced yesterday! We talked briefly about the mustache bet this morning and gave updates on everyone's growth. You can see updated photos in the Mustaches album on the Photos page.

Hour 2

We had a new intern start today named Kenny. Since he seemed pretty normal so far, Zane just mocked his shirt because it contained the color yellow. Speed-talker Free Beer made an appearance on the show this morning, done by Eric Zane. He once again demonstrated how fast Free Beer recites the phone number. A woman named Martha emailed in last week very pissed off about Hot Wings' commentary about MLK Day and getting paid time and a half. Free Beer had originally responded to the email and threats of violence were then thrown his way by this woman. It turned out that it was all a practical joke and it was really some dude named Matt that works for a local magazine. What a weirdo. We were very excited at the possibility of a 60 year old black woman named Martha listening to the show, so we asked for anyone but the atypical listener to our show (aka white dudes in their 30's) to call in throughout the morning. We finally got to the list that we had been pushing off for about a week now of the top 10 strangest diet fads.

Hour 3

While going over the list of fad diets, we got a call from a woman that said that she has been both bulimic and anorexic in her life and is still struggling with the addiction. When she used the phrase "swallowing only liquid proteins", we of course made reference to our intern Rape Stache. His response was quickly dumped. A guy that worked at a car dealership in Chicago was fired because he showed up to work with a Green Bay Packers tie on. He was hired by a rival car dealership the next day! Joe ended up getting Guy Cesario, the General Manager of the car dealership that hired the guy on the phone! We had great fun throwing out car dealership stereotypes in the Super Fans voice.

Hour 4

We ended up getting two "non-traditional listeners" on the phone during one break this morning. The first was Shante, a black woman from Nashville that "loves white dudes" and wanted to bone one of us. The other was Tashaunda from Albany, who listens to our show all the time with her husband. In the FBHW Report, we talked about Bristol Palin's possibly radio career and also gave an update on the recent Ted Williams happenings. We closed the hour with Dumber Than Zane Trivia with Terry from Flint, who everybody in the world hated.

Hour 5

We watched the video this morning of idiot Jimmy Buffet simply walking off stage at a concert and landing directly on his face. He apparently thought that there was a runway off the center of the stage, when none really existed. We got a listener in trouble this morning while he was listening to the show. He opened up his laptop in the middle of class, having not closed the web stream of the show. When he opened it up, it was right at the point that Zane was doing his Free Beer speed-talking impression. He had to apologize to the whole class. We closed the show by talking about Bob Seger's recent announcement that he will have a tour later this year. We got listeners on the phone to talk about the bands that they wish would still tour.