Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hour 1

We started the show by pressuring Producer Joe in to including all of us in his wedding party. We saw no reason at all why this should not happen, since we're all closer to him than anyone else in his life. We talked about the ridiculous amounts of snow that hit the country, especially the east coast. Zane brought up the disaster in Haiti and how a lot of the countries that said they were going to donate ended up giving nothing.

Hour 2

Zane's son Jim is starting to do better in school. Zane promised him that he would give him cable in his room if he kept his grades up. Hot Wings pointed out that Zane's daughter had been doing well in school all along, yet she got no reward. We gave him suggestions for ways he could reward her like letting her drive underage and smoke cigarettes. We've noticed that every morning, Hot Wings has a massive collection of cups in front of him that contain various beverages including water, coffee and all kinds of herbal teas and tonics. This segment once again reminded us that he is the oldest 30 something in the world when he explained the benefits of drinking tea.

Hour 3

Check out the Video Reel for the video of a huge kid breaking a world record by stuffing five bucks worth of quarters in his belly button. It'll make you think twice about ever handling money again. We watched the video of an uncle beating the hell out of his nephew after seeing him make gang-related posts on Facebook. You can see that in Cool Links. After Producer Joe announced his engagement on air a few days ago, we got an email from a listener that said he would not propose to his girlfriend until she dropped the extra pounds that she has packed on since they have been together.

Hour 4

We got a ton of calls and emails from the last segment about the guy that would not propose to his girlfriend. The opinions were pretty much split on the subject. In the FBHW Report, we played Antonio Cromartie's comments on Tom Brady, as well as Tom Brady's reply. We also talked about how Oprah recently admitted to Piers Morgan that when her movie "Beloved" tanked back in 1998, she ate approximately 30 pounds of mac and cheese to deal with the pain! Woah! We closed the hour with Dumber Than Zane Trivia, worth $2,800.

Hour 5

Based on a story that we read about a Dominoes Pizza employee being fired, we asked listeners to call in to find out if anyone was on their way to work with the intention of being fired. We played some audio of Tom Hanks' other son Chester. He's apparently a rapper and he is awful. We closed the show by talking about a list from Cosmo that listed the top signs that showed a woman that a guy was about to ask for sex. Talk to you on Friday!