Monday, January 24, 2011

Hour 1

There was some talk this morning about possibly getting our all-star dodgeball team back together. Our friend is organizing a dodgeball benefit for A-T in April and wants us to play again. Free Beer told us this morning about the experience he had at a pizza place this weekend when a group of disgusting band geeks came in. We talked about other wiener groups, like church-goers who were way to into going to church. The Marriott hotel chain is getting rid of in-room porno because they're making no money off of it. Porno is just way too accessible for free elsewhere. It was during this segment that Free Beer tried to describe "blindfold", but was unable to do so effectively and was mocked for the remainder of the break.

Hour 2

Zane had an interaction with a blind guy over the weekend at the hockey game. The guy was a special guest PA announcer and Zane had to show him the ropes. We talked about the AFC and NFC championship games from yesterday quite a bit during today's show. Since Steve lost the Super Bowl bet before it even began, he came in today sporting a fantastic mustache. You can see it on the Photos page. As the other staches start growing, photos will be added!

Hour 3

Carlina White was abducted as a baby 23 years ago and has now solved her own kidnapping. She had been kidnapped by the woman that was raising her and she thought was her real mother. We played a segment from the TV show Hoarders on the air this morning. This woman, who was the total embodiment of redneck, could not stop hoarding farm animals like chickens. Check it out in the Video Reel if you haven't seen it. One of Zane's heroes, Jack Lalanne, died this weekend. We pulled out the crazy interview that we had with him and his wife from last year and relived how insanely confusing it was.

Hour 4

Jay Cutler is taking a lot of heat because he stayed out of the game on Sunday after supposedly hurting his knee. No one ever said exactly what happened to him or when it happened. As we were coming back from commercials, the fire alarm in our building started going off and telling us to get the hell out of the building! We had to scramble and throw on a best-of bit and run for our lives! Ten minutes later, we were back in the studio because it was just a false alarm. A student at the University of Alberta bought a pair of jeans and wore them every day for 15 months. We determined that everyone on the show except Zane wears jeans for at least two or three days before washing them.

Hour 5

The jeans segment caused quite a stir and we took a bunch of calls about it. We also learned that Zane throws jeans away after 5 months because they start to smell musty. Hot Wings pointed out that he should probably check the drawer that he keeps them in to see if that is the possible must culprit. Enlightenment occurred for Zane! During the break, Producer Joe shaved his beard in to a mustache and now looks like a badass. You can also see that picture on the Photos page in the Mustaches album. We closed the show with more NFL talk from the weekend. Talk to you on Tuesday.