There just isn't much incentive for kids to be good for Santa Clause nowadays.  Sure, a lump of coal in your stocking isn't desired, but their is nothing that strikes fear into the hearts of children if they are bad.  Or is there?

Say hello to our Alpine demon friend, Krampus.  He isn't afraid to terrorize some naughty children this Christmas.  The Krampus was most likely born from pre-Christian traditions in the Alpine region (Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, and Croatia) of Europe.  The creatures adorn black rags and chains, roaming the streets and scaring children into being good during the holidays.

According to wikipedia:

Over 1200 "Krampus" gather in Schladming, Styria from all over Austria wearing goat-hair costumes and carved masks, carrying bundles of sticks used as switches and swinging cowbells to warn of their approach. They are typically intoxicated males in their teens and early twenties. They roam the streets of this typically quiet town and hit people with their switches. It is not considered[who?] wise for young women to go out on this night, since they are popular targets.

Now this is a tradition I can get behind!  Being good so that a demon doesn't beat you with a stick is much more convincing than being good so that a fat man gives you a candy cane.  And the whole intoxicated teens seeking out young women is just the icing on the cake.  I say we bring the Krampus to America!  It's about damn time!