Wayland has made an impressive rise in the rock industry with their song "Welcome To My Head" rising on rock charts across the country.  More and more radio stations across the country are picking up the song  and currently the band is touring their asses off in support.

About the only step missing was a video.  Well that process can now be checked off the list as the band took a few minutes off from touring to shoot this new video.  Watch the video and learn a little more about the psyche of life in a band.

If traveling in close quarters with a whole group of eclectic beings wondering whether you'll eat that day or when you'll shower next or when will your family hear from you and what sort of people will you be dealing with at our next gig doesn't drive you nuts then...you're already certified insane.    I mean you have to somewhat mentally deranged already to wanna careen on the edge of life everyday like this right?  So welcome to the head of a great group of West Michigan guys ready to take their place in today's rock industry!