Highly Suspect returned to Grand Rapids to rock 20 Monroe Live Friday night!

The packed crowd was super excited to see them and sing along - check out videos from the show here!

Highly Suspect played a great mix of songs from both their albums: their debut album "Mister Asylum", and their latest album "The Boy Who Died Wolf", out Nov. 2016. They opened with a cover from the new album, Real Life's "Send Me an Angel":

About five songs in, bassist Rich Meyer took over vocals on "Round and Round"- later we we learned that frontman Johnny Stevens was not feeling so hot-  but that didn't stop Highly Suspect in the least!

They launched into "Serotonia" and then "Lydia", with Johnny asking the crowd for some back up:

"It's no secret I have a sore throat tonight, but f--- it, we're still gonna play... So maybe you can help me sing this next part. It's like a f----  sing-a-long like "Lamb Chops", you remember that s---?"


"My Name is Human" was the last song of the set, with the band returning for an encore with "Wolf" and "Look Alive, Stay Alive".