Hour 1

While talking about the upcoming Flashback segment, Producer Joe's roid-head challenge, we started talking about some of the past Joe stunts that have gotten a ton of views on YouTube. This included discussion that surrounded the "controversy" of the paintball gauntlet stunt. We went over a list from the FDA listing their new guidelines for the amount of crap that can be present in foods. We were pretty disgusted by what is allowed in our food. A woman was busted because she tried to trade her half-eaten Olive Garden salad for some coke. She unfortunately asked a police officer for the trade. This somehow turned in to an unwarranted beat-up session of BJ, who runs the show for us on Q103 in Albany.

Hour 2

We gave an update this morning on the adult baby that we talked about last week. Apparently, there is now some controversy surrounding his disability benefits. When questioned about it, he threatened to kill himself if his benefits were taken away. We went over Forbes' annual Power 100 list on the show this morning. We weren't really that surprised by most of the people on the list, but were a bit surprised in the order in which they fell.

Hour 3

Was there a UFO in New Jersey? We checked out a news story that was trying to figure that out. They showed a hole in the ground, played a bunch of X-Files and Smallville trailers, but failed to give any evidence that anything even fell from the sky. Check that out in the Video Reel. There is a battle brewing between Kirk Cameron and Stephen Hawking over the existence of heaven. Hawking said recently that there is absolutely no heaven and that it is a fairytale. Cameron retorted by saying that Hawking was "ignorant" and then made some remarks about not being able to debate him fairly because of his medical condition.

Hour 4

We went over a list of things that women should stop wearing and the age that they should stop wearing them. The list included bikinis, Ugg boots and various other things. We asked for listeners to call in and add to the list for both women and men. It was during this segment that the term "Free Beer Double Down" was coined by Steve to explain how Free Beer talks people in to a corner. Today's FBHW Report focussed solely on the rumors brewing that Arnold Schwarzenegger has a lot more baby mamas that will be coming to light in the coming days. We also checked out the pictures of the one that we know about and she's super hot. Check her out in Cool Links. We closed the hour with a round of Dumber Than Zane Trivia, worth $800 from our friends at Cat Footwear.

Hour 5

Zane's wife Diana joined us on the show this morning to tell her about her big idea for their new house. She wants to build a luxury doghouse that is climate controlled in the backyard so that their bulldogs don't stink up their new house. We even got our friend Jeremy the builder on the phone to tell Zane how it would be super easy to do. We talked a little bit this morning about the new ESPN book that comes out next Tuesday. It's pretty controversial and will probably sell a billion copies. We closed the show by tying up some loose ends from earlier in the show and also telling what we learned today. Talk to you on Friday!