On Saturday night, police tried to stop 35-year-old Mandy Ramsey of Fort McCoy, Florida, but she wouldn't pull over.  Instead, she led police on a high speed chase in which she ran a stop sign and crashed into a tree before eventually getting away.

Police tracked her down a couple of hours later in her boyfriend's trailer park where she admitted that she ran from the cops because she was topless behind the wheel and didn't want the police to see her exposed breasts.

She was arrested for fleeing and eluding law enforcement.

She says she was topless because she wanted to surprise her boyfriend.  Why didn't she just wait until she was at her boyfriend's house before taking her top off?  Well, that would be logical but this is a trailer park in Florida so I think I've answered my own question.  I do appreciate her effort in trying to be a good girlfriend though.

Speaking of Florida, with the college football season coming up, let me take this time to say I have absolutely no love for Florida, Florida State, Miami or South Florida.  I hope they all lose.  - Shaffee