This one is going to make your butt hurt! I heard about this one at a party I was at last weekend, and just had to share it with you! A 35 year old chick named Cindy Croton from London England was at a party at her girl friends house and she was wasted, wasted drunk.

And when Cindy went she went to the bathroom and went to sit down on the toilet for a little drunk girl pee-pee, as she was sitting down, she was all drunk and wobbly, and instead of plopping down on the toilet, she missed the toilet and plopped herself down on to the plunger handle that was sitting next to the toilet! And yes, when I say she sat on the plunger, she really sat on the plunger! As in it went way up inside her! Ouch!

And listen to this, when she tried to pull it out, the wooden handle broke and got lodged in her sphincter! When she got to the emergency room and she told doctors what happened, they took x-rays but for some reason, nothing showed up on the x-rays, no pieces of wood splinters lodged in her vaginal or anal canal. So they just sent her home and told her she'd feel better in a few days.

Well the chicks butt kept hurting for the next two years, and finally she went back to the doctor and when the x-rays finally reveled that part of the toilet plunger hand was in fact still lodged in her butt, it had already become embedded in her pelvis! So in 2008, she had two surgeries to remove the toilet plunger out of her butt, however neither one was successful, they just couldn't dig the wooden toilet plunger handle out of her butt!

So last year she went back in for a third surgery, but this time she experienced massive blood loss while on the operating table and died! Can you imagine that? It took three years, but in the end the chick died from a toilet plunger getting stuck in her butt!

So girls, you remember that, next time your drunk and wobbly and your pulling down your pants to take a drunk girl pee at a strangers house always check next to the toilet and make sure there’s not a plunger handle sticking up right next to the toilet! Or you could end up dying from a plunger in your butt too