Hour 1

We started the show by talking about a guy in Colorado who was hoping to get a free ride on a train by hopping on and riding on the roof. 80 miles later, the train was still plowing along and he had to call 911 because he was "unbelievably cold". Zane took part in a bike race yesterday and told us how insanely cold he was. He also told us about the really funny words of encouragement that former intern Butthead Lautner yelled to him from the sidelines. Another woman's secret porno career has caught up with her. A secretary at a school was outed when a student saw her in a porno and brought in a screenshot for an autograph. It's her own fault, though, because she made no attempt to hide her identity and even used her real name in the porno.

Hour 2

We talked early this morning about how much fun the Predators game and Rich Guzzi's show were over the weekend in Nashville. The Predators really rolled out the red carpet for us and we even got to participate in some of the radio and TV broadcasts. We talked about a marriage counselor in New Hampshire this morning that had a unique approach to counseling his patients. He was counseling one couple and basically blamed everything on the husband and then asked the wife to come back for one-on-one sessions. He then tried to get with her since the husband was now out of the way.

Hour 3

Can a celebrity say no to the Make-A-Wish Foundation? A D-list television chef has done just that and is taking a bunch of heat for it. A dying kid's last wish was to simply cook a meal with her, but she couldn't find time to fit it in to her schedule. We talked about a restaurant whose name is alienating a bunch of other businesses in the area. The place is called "Fat Ho Burger" and it is really bothering the owners of the Gospel Café right around the corner. Free Beer witnessed a funny interaction involving Zane at the hotel in Nashville on Saturday. A group of people in the hotel also saw it and started making fun of him, obviously not knowing that Free Beer knew Zane. A survey of a few hundred Americans was conducted to see what they regretted the most in their lives. Topping the list were romance, family relationships, education and career. You can see the survey in the Cool Links section.

Hour 4

We briefly thought this morning that our intern Monchichi was a savant and learned complex things very easily. After nearly zero investigation, we realized that there was actually a pretty simple explanation that Steve somehow managed to miss. Hot Wings told us about his extensive baby preparations this morning, as his wife is due with their second child in about a week. Everyone seemed to agree that all of his preparations seemed unnecessary and that he should just relax and enjoy the lead-up to his second child. In today's FBHW Report, we talked about Bret Michaels suing the Tony's, as well as how the Final Four is set for this weekend. We got a guy on the phone that, when doing his taxes last week, found a lottery ticket he had bought nearly a year ago. He checked the winning numbers and found out that he won 9 million dollars and nearly lost his chance to claim the winnings! He seemed like the kind of person that was going to be really good with the money and not waste a cent of it.

Hour 5

Zane got a devastating email from a listener in Nashville this morning. He had met the person over the weekend while at the Predators game and they had some critiques of Zane's general appearance. He didn't take it very well and lashed out. Joe managed to track down the owner of Fat Ho Burger that we referenced earlier in the show. She's a 23 year old woman and has been getting a ton of media coverage since the restaurant opened five days ago. Talk to you on Tuesday morning!