Hour 1

Free Beer and his wife Amanda took the 1960's marriage test that we talked about yesterday. He, of course, scored great while she ranked average. You can see it in the Cool Links section. A guy called the cops when he thought the girl he'd been internet dating for two and a half years had been kidnapped while in Europe. He knew she traveled to some dangerous countries since he'd been transferring money to her accounts in places like Nigeria. The police then informed him that there was no girl and that he was the victim of Nigerian scammers.

Hour 2

Today was our first day on Rock 103 in Memphis. Memphis may now hold the record for most hate mail before the show even hit the air! We went over a survey that was supposed to tell you if you were the average man or not. It had a bunch of activities and then listed the amounts of time that the average guy spends doing in their life. Free Beer showed us once again that numbers are quickly becoming something that he struggles with. A list was published that gave the top movie quotes that Americans would use to sum up their lives. Most of them were pretty silly and we found it hard to believe that people could relate them to their lives.

Hour 3

A NJ woman is suing Disney, ABC and a few other companies because a NY television station accidentally aired the wrong lottery numbers. She claimed that this caused her mental distress when she found out that she did not in fact win the lottery. Hot Wings, in a crazy twist, decided that she should get the money, but only if she's not already wealthy. We were shocked by this. We read a bunch of quotes on the air and listeners had to call in and guess whether they were quotes from Charlie Sheen or 80's wrestler The Ultimate Warrior. This game went over very well and we were surprised with some of the results. Every now and then, our boss will forward us demo tapes that people have sent in to the station looking for a job. Most are not worth mentioning, but he sent us one recently that we could not ignore. We reviewed it this morning and it was incredible.

Hour 4

During the FBHW Report, we played some audio from Muammar Gaddafi that shows how insanely in denial he is. We also talked about his ridiculous costumes and Michael Jackson wardrobes. We played the most recent audio of Charlie Sheen on the Today Show, as well as his comments from Piers Morgan's show last night.

Hour 5

Since the Charlie Sheen or Ultimate Warrior game from earlier in the show was so popular, we played another round of it later in the morning. It went over just as well! The new cast of Dancing With the Stars was announced. Once again, it just seems like it's a bunch of washed-up reality "stars" that probably won't amount to much. We closed the show by taking calls from listeners about how they are trying to sabotage their neighbors or friends. Talk to you on Wednesday morning!