Hour 1

Computers are advancing at such a rapid rate that they will eventually stop getting better so quickly. We talked about the amazing technological advances, even in the last 15 years. A Sony Playstation 2 from today is more powerful than military super-computers from 1997! We talked about a promotion that a church was holding to try and increase the amount of people to show up to their services. They did a $1,000 giveaway at their Sunday mass and increased the attendance three times over! To us, it seemed more like a radio station promotion than one a church would hold.

Hour 2

Zane gave us an update on his son this morning and, as he calls it, Prison House. He has really cracked down on him since his recent problems in school and now has him doing every chore imaginable around the house. We talked about an ad that was posted on Craigslist where a guy was offering $1,000 to anyone that could get his World of Warcraft account unbanned. We then took some calls from listeners who were, or knew people who were hooked on video games.

Hour 3

We were on high alert all morning for possible Free Beer word scrambles. He had a few stumbles in the first few breaks of the show, so we were able to put together a short montage of his shortcomings. We then dusted off a few of his classics from the past and played them as well. Check out the Video Reel for a teaser for VH1's new show The Real Mob Wives of Staten Island. We bet that no one was listening that was actually looking forward to watching that piece of crap show. We decided to test how American we were this morning by taking a 20 question citizenship test. You had to get at least 12 correct to pass. You can take the test as well by clicking on it in the Cool Links section.

Hour 4

We met our new intern Matt today, who is yet to have a nickname. He automatically rocketed to the top of the intern ranks because he is a combat veteran! After getting to know him a bit, we have not yet found anything to make fun of him about. Give it time! In the first FBHW Report, we focused solely on Robin Roberts' interview with Chris Brown. He's still trying to dodge any questions related to the whole Rhianna situation. We closed the hour by watching a video of Nancy Grace interviewing a weatherman about the radiation coming in to the country from Japan. Even though he is the authority on the topic, she insists that we're all screwed and going to die from radiation exposure.

Hour 5

Zane played some more audio this morning of a conversation he recorded between him and his 8 year old daughter. She was having a mini freak-out over something that was completely unnecessary. We got breaking news right at the end of the segment that Liz Taylor had died. Hot Wings waited one second to say something insensitive. In the second FBHW Report, we talked about how 'Friday' singer Rebecca Black is nearly a millionaire already, Lawrence Taylor's sentencing and played the audio of a reporter having a brain meltdown mid report. We closed the show with a Hot Wings word scramble from What Hot Wings Thinks, as well as with some more talk about Lawrence Taylor. Talk to you Thursday morning.