Hour 1

We started the show with a long break about the Pat Tillman documentary that Free Beer watched with his wife last night. He knew a little bit about the story before watching it, but was really shocked at the shady government interaction that took place. We talked again about Tiger Woods' new girlfriend this morning. We thought it was funny that when they first met when she was 7 years old and he moved in to the neighborhood, she used to give him crayon drawings before each of his tournaments. We'll be broadcasting live from Nashville tomorrow at the studios of 102.9 The Buzz. Zane was supposed to participate in a pull-up contest with the local Marine recruiters, but it was canceled because of "logistical issues". He's pissed.

Hour 2

60% of the show will be live from Nashville tomorrow. Free Beer, Zane and Producer Joe will be on the road, while Hot Wings and Steve will be back in the studio at the home base. We talked about how we're hoping there are technical issues, causing Hot Wings and Steve to do a show on their own about cars and trees. A guy was racing to the hospital with his wife who was in labor and got pulled over for driving over 100MPH. He was taken by the cops and locked up and she was sent to the hospital to have the kid on her own. We took a bunch of calls from listeners and got their opinion on whether or not the cop was right or not. Knut the panda died a few days ago and during news coverage, a news station accidentally mixed up two of the letters in Knut's name. You can see the result in the Cool Links section.

Hour 3

We went over a list from ABC about some of the greatest movies of all time in different genres. Also included in the list were great movie lines. Some of the movies deserved to be on the list in our opinion, but many did not. Liz Taylor died yesterday. We discussed the media coverage that her death was receiving and the comments of other celebrities including Larry King and Kim Kardashian. In the Cool Links section, you'll see the list we went over this morning of the 10 cartoon theme songs in foreign languages. It was fun playing these and trying to guess what cartoon they came from.

Hour 4

A listener sent in some audio of Lisa Lampanelli on Adam Carolla's podcast recently. She was asked what jokes about her really hurt her feelings and we found out that she's not a big fan of jokes about her weight. We played back the audio of when she was on our show and Zane blatantly called her fat, not really in joke form. He stood by his comment and didn't feel bad. In the FBHW Report this morning, we played the audio of what Randy Jackson called the greatest performance in American Idol History. While the performance was really good, we did not think it was the best ever. We closed the hour with a round of Dumber Than Zane Trivia, worth $3,600 from our friends at Cat Footwear.

Hour 5

We played the audio of a news story from Houston that talked about a new business that popped up where women can learn to pole dance to Christian music. Obviously, it is causing a great deal of controversy in the very conservative neighborhood that the business is in. Zane is still pissed that he won't get to participate in the pull-up contest in Nashville this weekend. A Marine Staff Sgt. from Nashville called in to explain why the contest was not going to take place, but Zane was not satisfied with the reason. He wants to have an impromptu contest anyway outside of the arena on Saturday. NFL'er Charlie Batch has somehow squandered away all of his money earned over his career. Since he put up his Super Bowl rings and other trophies as collateral, the bank may now exercise their right to collect on the debts. A plane flying in to Ronald Reagan International Airport had no communication from the tower and had to circle for about 20 minutes. The pilot finally just executed a pre-determined maneuver and landed the plane on his own. We talked about how much it must have sucked for the person that fell asleep at the controls. Talk to you tomorrow morning when we're live from Nashville at the studios of 102.9 The Buzz.