We all have something that we remember growing up with.

Some things lasted for years. And there are a lot of things that we look back and and say, "Who came up with this?"

Effective marketing to the child mind grabbed our imaginations, and said that we had to have whatever it was they were advertising.



One thing I remember from my childhood that was very popular for a minute was Pogs.

I went on to YouTube and looked for anything that would jolt my memories of these circular cardboard discs, and I stumbled on this video.

How could you not want to buy thousands of Pogs after that commercial?

Apparently I did as a kid, because my parents (after much asking and demanding from me I am sure) bought me a good amount of these things.

Pogs were collectible milk caps that had pictures on them, kind of like baseball cards.

Honestly, what did they really do?

From what I understand, you and a friend or competitor stacked your Pogs, he SLAMMED his Slammer (we'll get to that in sec) on your stack and any Pogs that were facing up became theirs!

After typing that description of this 'game,' Pogs really were full of disappointment.

What if you had a favorite Pog with Alf on it or something, and some creepy kid got it? That would suck!

That's where your Slammer came in.

You needed a good sizeable Slammer to get as many Pogs as possible. If you had a good Slammer on the playground, you were the s*$#! No one could beat you!

I never really played the game of Pogs. I just collected them because I thought they were cool.

I remember I had some Sonic the Hedgehog Pogs, and I thought I was the big kid in school because I had Sonic Pogs!

Looking back, though, I was just following the trend of attempting to be 'cool.' Which I am sure I was the coolest kid! (*Rolls eyes*.)

Pogs had the hope of being collectible like Sports Card or any kind of collectible item, but it just faded away like many kids items in the '90s.

I say good riddance Pogs!

That commercial alone outlines WHY these things didn't last.