Video games are a juggernaut today! They are making more money that movies and music sales combined! Gaming wasn't always on the top like it is today though, it has had it ups and it downs. The Great Video Game Crash of 1983 to the huge success of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). When video game were re-imagined to the scene in the late 80's early 90's Nintendo threw a World Wide Championship contest named Nintendo World Championships 1990! Which birthed the HOLY GRAIL of all game collectors!

The NWC 1990 toured around the country to 29 different cities to crown the Nintendo World Champion! Kids and Young adults of different age groups competed on getting the highest score on 3 different games.

Super Mario Bros.-Collect 50 Coins

Rad Racer-Complete the first face

Tetris-Get the highest score in the time limit

These games were all featured on one cartridge obviously names NWC Competition Cartridge. Kids would play these games at the different cities, log their score, and would move onto the next round. Those who got the highest score would win the local competition. When the finalist were announced, they had to travel to Universal Studios Hollywood and compete in the finals! Separated by age group, each age group had a champion.

Those who won got a $10,000 savings bond, a 1990 Geo Metro Convertible....(woo hoo?), a 40" Projection TV, a copy of the Official NWC competition cartridge, and a gold painted Mario statue. Little did they know at the time, not only did they win a $10,000 savings bond, but they also grabbed one of the RAREST Nintendo Game Carts of ALL TIME!

The NWC Competition cartridge is one of the rarest games of all time! These special cartridges were at one time only owned by the winners of NWC 1990. The carts can easily fetch over $10,000 and MORE on eBay. Only 90 are known to exist! Even crazier, Nintendo had a mail in contest (remember those?) where you could win a NWC GOLD CARTRIDGE just by sending in your entry in the mail. Only 25 of these were produced, and these carts are considered the "HOLY GRAIL OF GAME COLLECTING." These special gold carts can fetch up to $20,000 on eBay!

In the end, if you have one of these game carts, you are sitting on a gold mine. The game itself is really nothing special, but the game cart stands as part of GAMING HISTORY and are the pinnacle of game collecting. I would love to see this thing in real life for once, owning it would be a treasure.