It's Friday, and it's time to goof off while at work! I give you five videos that you need to see before the weekend, so you can impress your friends at the bar. Check out the difference between a guy and girl's perfect date, the overly excited local interview, and learn what is and what isn't a continent. Everything after the break!

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    Waimea River

    When the beach doesn't give you waves, well then you just give that beach some waves and tell it to GTFO! Surfers are a tenacious and crafty bunch, and this is quite apparent in this video. It's a cool idea in principle, but they kind of destroyed a beach in the process... woops!

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    Star Wars Remake

    Star Wars | Stand Up To Cancer

    Hot actresses, hilarious comedians, Star Wars, and all for a good cause... SOLD! Check out this star studded video of the a fore mentioned content. It's good stuff, even for non-fans of the Star Wars franchise.

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    How About Some Science?

    What Are Continents?

    This video poses a few very interesting questions... What are continents? And How many are their? Easy answers right? Large land masses and 7. WRONG! Well at least this video poses the possibility that those answers are wrong. Watch, learn, and let this video destroy everything you know about modern science!

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    Over Animated Interview

    Reality Hits You Hard Bro

    Local news outlets always have some great interviews from the local yo-cal. Usually news affiliates have tag lines like "Information First", or "The Most Reliable Information In Town". Well sometimes, too much information can be presented. And in this video, the guy being interviewed doesn't hold back a single detail!

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    The Perfect Date

    He Said She Said

    Their are many differences between men and women, the most obvious being in the crotch region. But beyond that, their is a huge difference in perception of a good date. Tom Antos Films took this premise and rolled with it. Watch and learn guys and girls, what makes for a good date?