I love me some scary movies! If given a choice of things to see, my first pick will almost always be the scariest movie showing. A lot of times I'm disappointed with what I call the "Hollywood Ending" that most movies give. They like to wrap it all up with some unbelievable schlock that almost ruins the rest of the movie.

Insidious was sort of like that. The movie had some great tension, and was creepy; then they sent the dad into the "whatever" to go look for his kid, and then showed the baddies and made everything less creepy. Why you have to screw up a good thing?

If it doesn't end happily that's fine…just don't go lame on us.

I have high hopes every time I see a cool trailer, and this one for Haunt looks pretty cool. I hope they don't weaken the whole thing with some crappy ending.