Midwest metalcore group The Devil Wears Prada have come a long way since their formation in 2005. The Dayton, OH natives have released four full-length albums, toured the globe and gained a massive and dedicated fanbase in the process. Vocalist Mike Hranica chatted with us about the band's success, the risk of overproducing records and more before their sold out show at The Intersection last Thursday (March 28).

There is arguably no other music genre more raw and intense than metal. The style is a complete contrast to a perfectly polished pop album. However, bands still run the risk of over-thinking the construction of an LP. Hranica says The Devil Wears Prada have never worried about overproducing any of their albums.

"I know we've always put a lot of effort into the production of things, particularly having a keyboardist and whatnot," the singer says. "We really worked to utilize every component that we have, with [guitarist/vocalist] Jeremy [DePoyster] singing and such. We've definitely had times before where by the time it's done, it's like three synths, two leads and then the rhythm, and two vocals and everything. I think that production is definitely a contributing factor to our band. It's just kind of working that relationship with those sorts of elements."

Releasing one full-length album is hard enough for any artist, let alone four. It would be understandable if The Devil Wears Prada found it hard to keep producing stellar records. However, Hranica isn't worried that they'll run out of ideas anytime soon.

"It's not really like hitting a wall to where you're like, 'What do we do now?'" states Hranica. "I think we'll always have stuff to write and I'll always have things to say. When we started I didn't even know like, 'Wow, write a whole record? How would you do that?' Obviously there's a very concentrated focus on not doing the same thing over and over, but we're a band that also likes to keep it on our realm and not really go too far outside the box, or kind of throw fans for too much of a loop."

Watch the whole interview with Mike Hranica below, where he talks about how sincere The Devil Wears Prada fans are, the negative side of the band being put on a pedestal and more.

Interview With Mike Hranica of The Devil Wears Prada