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Charlie Sheen’s ‘9/11’ Trailer Is… Well, It’s Here
It was kind of inevitable that noted 9/11 truther Charlie Sheen would make a movie about that day, but it’s a little surprising that not only Gina Gershon, but Whoopi Goldberg would both agree to star in it. Not surprising: the trailer for Sheen’s 9/11 is shockingly, impressively bad.
Whoopi Goldberg Wets Pants On The View [FBHW]
That's right, you heard it here first.  Whoopi Goldberg wet her pants on national television.  Whoopi exclaimed in the middle of a segment that she was having a hot flash and her pants were wet.  Barbara Walters was quick in response to Whoopi adding that no one needed to know that information.  Fre…