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Woman Calls to Wild Lynx Like It’s Regular House Cat [Video]
"Here big wild, dangerous kitty. Here kitty, kitty, kitty -- that could tear my face off."
A Canadian woman spotted a wild lynx outside of a nail salon in Terrace Bay, Ontario.
Instead of getting the heck out of the there, she calls to it like it's an adorable kitten.
YouTube Prankster Turns Home into Giant Plastic Ball Pit [VIDEO]
YouTube prankster, Roman Atwood, is at it again.
Man, his poor wife.
In a previous video, and what might be the cruelest "prank" ever, Atwood had his wife believing he'd dropped their toddler over a balcony.
This time around, the situation is a lot less dire. But I can't ima…
3-Year-Old Watches ‘Star Wars’ for the First Time, Freaks Out
Little kids in big glasses are my kryptonite. Throw in an adorable British accent and I'm done for.
I know, I'm a big softie. Don't tell anyone.
Anyway, the kid in this video has both of those things. And his mind is completely blown by watching "Star Wars: A New Hope"…

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