Ghost Will Perform on Colbert’s Late Show This Friday!
This Friday, one of my favorite bands hit the Late Show with Stephen Colbert! Ghost is playing the show, and it'll be one of the coolest things to ever hit the TV! No one needs those lame pop girls who can only lip-sync, we want the real rockers who actually play instruments!
Why Am I Just Finding Out About ‘Rick & Morty’?
You know that feeling when you don't want to start watching a new TV show because you'll end up watching a whole damn season in one go an realize your whole day is gone?
That's how I felt this weekend when a friend of mine showed me the Adult Swim show, 'Rick & Morty.&apos…
Full Series of ‘Seinfeld’ Comes to Hulu Plus
If you are a fan of '90's like me, you know what Seinfeld is.
It's well known as quite possibly the greatest sitcom ever created. Numorous quotes, crazy stories, it was the definitive show about nothing
Before, you could only watch Seinfeld through re-runs or if you owned the DVD's…

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