13 Epic ‘Most Michigan’ Tattoos on Instagram [PHOTOS]
As someone who has gone back and forth for years about getting a tattoo, I can appreciate someone committing to a piece... even if it is "ragret"ful.  Nothing is more sure on this earth than the love Michiganders feel for the state, so it's no surprise that a lot of them …
Grand Rapids Man Charged With Running Illegal Tattoo Business
Grand Rapids Police have arrested a man for running an illegal tattoo business.
In press release, GRPD say they have arrested Raymond Lee Veenstra, 42. He was charged on Friday with two counts of accosting children for immoral purposes and public health code violation.
Ever Seen Tattooing in Slow Motion? Check This Out!
You might have tattoos already, or maybe are just thinking about them.  But have you ever seen the process in super-slow motion?
What do all those crazy-ass tiny needles do when they're stabbing you mercilessly, injecting ink into your skin?
Check out this awesome slo-mo video of the needles doing the…
How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work? Watch It in Action!
Do you have any tatts you are having second thoughts about, but you're not sure how the laser removal thing works?
Check out this cool video where the Smarter Every Day guy checks out the science behind tattoo removal, how it works, and shows you laser removal in slow motion!  How freaking cool is th…

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