Help Us Find West Michigan’s Favorite Taco Place
Yesterday was National Taco Day and we got to arguing around the office about where the best taco in town is. It seems that everyone has a favorite taco place, so we decided to find out once and for all – who is West Michigan’s favorite taco place?
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Now this is a way to celebrate Taco Tuesday!
Before the NBA Finals began, Taco Bell promised everyone that if a team "stole" a win while on the road then everyone would be able to "steal" a taco. Luckily, the Golden State Warriors were able to do that in game 3 of …
My Double-Dose of Grand Rapids Mexican Food – To the Face!
The other day, I posted a question to everyone, asking where I should go to get some good Mexican food.  I've been craving it these last few weeks since leaving Texas, and I know I need to find some good spots.
You guys have been great, telling me where the good places are, both on the post and on Fa…
Lion meat tacos….yum, who’s hungry?
A restaurant is gonna be serving up Lion meat (the African kitties not Detroit Lions) tacos in the near future.  Better get your order in soon though!
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