Review: Star Wars Battlefront
Tis the season for Star Wars! Between the new movie coming up and the recent release of Star Wars Battlefront, fans of the franchise have a lot to be excited about. And one thing is for sure: Star Wars Battlefront is sure to put you in the Star Wars spirit.
‘Street Fighter’ the Movie: Was it Really That Bad? [Video]
Video game movies are usually a box-office flop.
Movie-goers head into the theater expecting a spectacle of awesomeness and seeing their favorite video game characters on the big screen, just to witness the destruction and misunderstanding of the source material.
How could you make a movie about Str…
Super Mario Bros. The Movie-Was it Really That Bad?
Back in 1993, I found out that my favorite video game characters were going to hit the silver screen! MARIO AND LUIGI! I couldn't wait! Watching fireballs fly, jumping on Koopa's, squishing Goomba's, etc! As a kid, who wouldn't be excited to see this? Instead, what we got, was something COMPLETELY d…