Finally Starting to Play ‘The Last of Us’ on Playstation 3 [Video]
I have owned a Playstation 3 for quite a few years now, and it's been my secondary video game console. Most of my friends were playing Xbox 360 and we slowly started going towards the Playstation 3.
There is a game on PS3 that I am finally giving a chance, and it's quite a gripping experien…
Resident Evil 2 Remake is Official! [Video]
When the first Resident Evil game was remade for the Gamecube, it was a smash hit and absolutely amazing! I have a hard time playing the game because it's so creepy.
Still though, Resident Evil 2 is my favorite Resident Evil of all time, and always has been...and now, Capcom officially announced…
Man Reportedly Finds an SNES-CD Prototype Console [Video]
Finding pirate treasure is something that you will probably never be able to do...
Finding a prototype of the ill-fated collaboration of Sony's partnership with Nintendo to create a disc peripheral for the SNES dubbed as the Nintendo Playstation?
Now possible.
Final Fantasy VII Remake Still Has Me Exicted [Video]
The new Star Wars film has me extremely excited for December! I have watched that little trailer so many times!
Now the trailer for the Final Fantasy VII Remake has me just as excited as Star Wars, and it's glorious.
Final Fantasy 7 Remake is Official, and the Internet has Exploded [Video]
Yesterday, I was pretty excited to see all of the great stuff that Microsoft had to show. It was very exciting to see all of the new technology, games, and Gears of War 4!
It's very rare when we get a re-imagining of a classic game. It worked incredibly well for the original Resident Evil!
It's been t…
Playing Playstation at Rock on the Range [Gallery]
Every year I go to Rock on the Range, Playstation is always there to show off the latest games and gaming consoles from their line of successful video game brands.
Once again, I've gotta stop by the Playstation booth!

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