oderus urungus

One Year Ago, Dave Brockie of GWAR Passed Away [Video]
I can't believe that it has been one entire year since the leader of the Scum Dogs of GWAR passed away.
Dave was one very unique soul who really didn't two craps of what people thought of him, and that's what I respected about him.
Petition Started to Include GWAR’s Oderus Urungus in Mortal Kombat X
How awesome would this be? Not only does Mortal Kombat kick ass, but the new Mortal Kombat X is on the horizon. After watching the Clueless Game with Conan O' Brian, this may be the reason I finally purchased a Xbox One or PS4.
You know what would make the game the best? If it included now decea…
Let Us Slay While Watching Some GWAR Vids! [Video]
The big news this week in the rock world is, of course, the passing of the great Dave "Oderus Urungus" Brockie of GWAR.
So, what better way to celebrate his great life than with some awesome GWAR videos?
If you have never seen any GWAR videos, take a look at some of the group's …

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